Socjologiczne badania nad kulturą a nauki etnologiczne. Historia romansów i rozstań oraz jej konsekwencje

Paweł Łuczeczko


History of sociological study of culture in Poland has a long, dating back to the 19th century, tradition. In this period, sociological approach to culture has been constantly evolving, which has lead to the development of different methods, theoretical concepts i perspectives. The present article aims at tracing those changes, the attempt which leads to the conclusion that development of sociological studies of culture followed the pattern of approaches and departures to and from ethnological sciences. The author proves that interrelations between these two disciplines shaped heavily some distinctive cognitive perspectives, and as a result, various models of sociological study of culture. The two main models – anthropological and sociological – being somehow disagreeable, determined the research orientation of consecutive generations of sociologists of culture. So, the text is to present periodization of one of the oldest and most popular sociological sub-disciplines – the periodization based on the presence and intensity of ethnological inspirations.

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