Ekologia ludzka Znanieckiego a ekologia społeczna szkoły chicagowskiej — podobieństwa, różnice, nawiązania

Wojciech Benisz


The article focuses on two concepts in the field of ecology—the “human ecology” as developed by the Chicago School of Sociology and the “human ecology” of Florian Znaniecki. The article presents the achievements of the Chicago School of Sociology, with particular emphasis on the criminological trend that developed within it under the influence of Ernest W. Burgess, and deals with the investigation of crime and deviation in big cities. Moreover, these achievements will be presented with reference to Florian Znaniecki’s sociology of the city with particular emphasis on the “forensic side” of his scientific work. The author assumes that criminological materials are of sociological nature. According to Znaniecki, criminology must be a part of sociology.

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