Socjologia zakładowa w Polsce: stosowana nauka społeczna w ekonomii socjalistycznej

Jarosław Kilias


The paper deals with the company sociology in Communist Poland. In most Communist countries the sociology of work was a thriving social science branch, and in Poland it sprawled to individual companies, which employed professional sociologists since the early 1960s. The number of social scientists working in industry had been rising steadily until the late 1970s, when a few hundreds of sociologists were employed in factories. The paper describes the development and the fall of the profession, which did not survive the end of Communism. The fact is explained by the company sociology being embedded in the socialist economy enabling its expansion but putting the limitations on its use. The paper touches upon the role played by company sociologists, their fields of interest and work activities. The paper also deals with the relation between the company and academic sociology.

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