Author Guidelines

The authors submit their manuscripts in one file through the e-mail: and are required to check off their submission's compliance with the journal’s technical requirements and bibliographical guidelines.

General requirements

  • Accepted file formats: .doc, .docx, .odt

  • If the article contains graphic elements (photographs, figures, maps, tables, diagrams etc.) covered by copyright, it is necessary to provide the source in the form agreed with the owner of the graphic material, indicate the owner of the copyright to this material, as well as the nature of the right to reproduce it.

  • The issues of financing the rights to reproduce illustrations and graphic material are the responsibility of the author and the research institution he/she represents.

  • The authors are required to enumerate all organizations who had contributed to the text (financial and organizational support statement)

  • The recommended length of the article should not exceed 40.000 characters, and the size of the file shall be less than 50 MB.

Technical guidelines

  • Font: Times New Roman (size 11 pt, justified)

  • spacing: 1,5

  • titles of the chapters and subsections shall be bolded

  • margins: all 2,5 cm

  • page numbering: continous, centered, inside the footer

  • footnotes: continous, font 10 pt

  • all manuscripts need to have titles

  • articles and review articles should be accomanied by an abstract (approx. 150 words) and several (up to 6) keywords (please avoid qoutations in the abstracts) powinno być dołączone streszczenie o objętości ok. 150 oraz kilka (maks. 6) słów kluczowych

  • Authors of Polish texts are required to verify the abstract in English by a native-speaker.

  • Authors of texts in a language other than Polish submit their abstracts in Polish voluntarily.

  • Please send us anonymized manuscripts, i.e. do not include in your works any data identifying the author(s), such as name, surname, affiliation - this information should be provided in a separate file or in an e-mail.

  • Book titles in the text should be italicized, and journal titles – with quotation marks.

Quotations and citations

  • Quotations in the texts should be highlited with quotation marks. Should the quotation exceed 5 verses, it must be included in a separate paragraph;

  • Sources of qoutations are indicated in brackets with year and page number(s), e.g. (Sowa 1987: 22). Page numbers are used only for exact citations as in the example above.

  • The journal uses the following format of in-text citations: (Sadurski 2003: 23). Subsequent publications by the same author, which were published in the same year, are indicated with lowercase letters of the alphabet, e.g. (Sadurski 2003a), (Sadurski 2003b), etc..

  • W rzadkich i uzasadnionych przypadkach dopuszcza się stosowanie przypisów dolnych (np. wtedy gdy liczba przepisów przekracza pięćdziesiąt na jeden artykuł) jednolicie w całym tekście.

  • In the articles in Polish, the author(s) shall use Polish abbreviations::

    • redaktor: red.

    • strony [pierwsza i ostatnia strona dokumentu]: s.

    • strony [sumaryczna liczba stron w dokumencie]: ss.

    • w wydaniu pierwotnym: w:

    • tom: t.

    • i inni: i in.

    • wydanie: wyd.

  • in the texts in other languages – English abbreviations:

    • editor: ed.

    • pages (first and last page): p.

    • pages (total number of pages): pp.

    • in an edited volume: In:

    • volume: Vol.

    • et alumni: et al.

    • edition: ed.

  • Przywołując literaturę w tekście, stosujemy odpowiednie warianty: (Thomas 1943), (Thomas 1999a, 1999b), (Thomas 1951; Bieńkowski 1955), (Thomas, Bieńkowski 2000)

  • If the cited work was written by 4 or more authors, please use the format (Thomas et al. 2009)

  • If there are more cited authors with the same surname, please inlcude the initials in the in-text citations (Thomas, J. 2001; Thomas, K. 1998).


  • All sources must be listed in alphabetical order.

  • Bibliographic items shall be accompanied by the DOI number if available (DOI can be found at )

  • Bibliography formatting style:

    • books: Szacki, Jerzy. 1964. Durkheim. Warszawa: Wiedza Powszechna.

    • article/chapter in a collective monograph: Łoś, Maria. 1974. Badania instytucji jako podstawa działań socjotechnicznych. [In:] A. Podgórecki (ed.). Socjotechnika. Funkcjonalność i dysfunkcjonalność instytucji. Warszawa: Książka i Wiedza: 489-508.

    • article in a journal: Fuchs, Stephan. 1993. A Sociological Theory of Scientific Change, “Social Forces”, No 4: 933-953.

    • articles from web sources (website, internet domain, repository). Citations accordibngly as above. Please inlcude the hyperlink and DOI, if available and indicate access date in square brackets.

    • Authors are asked to transliterate all sources in non-Latin scripts into Latin script in accordance with the BGN-PCGN standard: . The works shall be cited in-text citations in their latinized form and the original non-latin form needs to be attached in the bibliography at the end of the text as following:

An example of transliteration of non-Latin script reference in the attached bibliography at the end of the text (transliteration + the original reference in square brackets): Galaktionov, Anatoliy. 2002. Russkaya sotsiologiya IX—XX vekov. Sankt-Peterburg:«Lan'» [Галактионов, Анатолий. 2002. Русская социология IX—XX веков. Санкт-Петербург: «Лань»]


Copyright Notice

Copyright and access:

“Roczniki Historii Socjologii” is an open access journal, which all content is freely available without charge to all users, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author (texts from our webpage and databases may be freely used concerning to licence CC BY). Thanks to the open access format, the authors are permitted to post the final (publisher’s) version of their papers online, e.g. on their personal websites or in repositories and databases after its publication in „Roczniki Historii Socjologii”.


Privacy Statement

Privacy statement:

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Ownership and management:

The journal History of Sociology. Annual Review is owned and
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